If your business isn’t digital, if your brand isn’t a social media giant, or if you can’t prove to studios that you have an army of followers ready to spend money you’ve got two options: 1) Allow your competition to overwhelm you. 2) Contact Sheeraz Hasan and let FAME make you a champion.






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At 16 years old Sheeraz’s father passed away and he was left to run his family’s restaurant in London. Within a year he took them from $3,000 a week to $40,000 a week by securing a contract with a local radio station. Sheeraz realized the true power of the media, his gift for closing impossible contracts and that his talents were meant for the big leagues: Tinseltown. He hopped on a plane to Los Angeles and embarked on an incredibly successful journey working with the biggest stars and brands in the world. He has overseen campaigns for Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez. Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Priyanka Chopra, Paris Hilton and the Jackson family, as well as internationally recognized brands including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, AB InBev, Johnson & Johnson, Pantene and Gillette, generating over $2bn in earned media.

Now after nearly two decades of dominating news cycles, making small time brands massive players in their industry and becoming known as the greatest star creator in town Sheeraz has founded FAME, a media company focused on showing you the truth of how Hollywood really works and implementing bold strategies that produce immediate results.

Perhaps Sheeraz’s most valuable asset is the contact list on his phone. Sheeraz has direct access to the biggest CEO’s in the world who personally work with him when they need to create disruption and dominate a market. These brands are the largest mmedia buyers and spend over $2 billion dollars on advertising every year. It’s Sheeraz’s job to recommend and connect them with talent that can deliver on these massive global campaigns. And it’s not just big movie stars and massive brands calling Sheeraz, it’s the biggest agencies in the world too. Creative Arts Agency (CAA) and William Morris Endeavor (WME) are regularly reaching out to Sheeraz on behalf of their clients searching for new promotions that can make their celebrities wealthy and skyrocket their popularity.

He gained their trust and friendship in 2005 after Sheeraz launched celebrity and entertainment news website, HOLLYWOOD.TV. Within a year, HOLLYWOOD.TV became a top rated celebrity news outlet and its content has been seen by over two billion viewers worldwide. HOLLYWOOD.TV supplies daily content to CBS, CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, ET, The Insider, SKY, BBC, RTL, AP, REUTERS, TV GUIDE, E!, Today Show, The Early Show, Good Morning America, YouTube, Facebook and Perez Hilton. With over 50,000 star videos in its archive, HOLLYWOOD.TV maintains one of the biggest and most complete collections of historic celebrity moments including the first video of Michael Jackson being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and exclusive video of Britney Spears on stretcher. In 2010, HOLLYWOOD.TV formed a strategic partnership with Thompson Reuters.

Part of what makes Sheeraz so effective, in addition to his powerful network, is his determination. He can create news even when there isn’t anything to promote. Even if it means putting a celebrity’s face on the biggest billboard in Hollywood, New York City, Miami, London, or Dubai at no cost. Whatever it takes to make sure the star who is working with Sheeraz shines brighter than all the rest for however long they need. If you are a celebrity and Sheeraz is arranging a meet and greet for you, he shuts down the location and the event itself will become breaking news. Just ask Logan Paul when 100 thousand people greeted him at the Dubai Mall for the largest meet and greet of all time. Or maybe ask Kim Kardashian when 250 thousand people showed up at the same place when she made an appearance. And the money isn’t bad either. Sheeraz locked down a $2 million dollar deal for Jennifer Lopez to do just one 20 minute performance in Qatar. The instagram story she made of her royal hotel room alone became the number 1 trending story on the planet. That’s the magic of working with Sheeraz for these big stars. He creates disruption, captures the world’s attention, controls the narrative online and partners them with the biggest brands who are spending billions.

This game can eat you alive if you don’t know how to play. Sheeraz Hasan has the experience, foresight and the courage to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Here is what will happen though: he will increase your brands sales, make customers spend more money with you, make your consumers come back more often and create a raving fan culture around your brand so that they are no longer your customers, they are your family.



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